"How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk" Communication Workshop for Parents

Do you find yourself in constant power struggles with your child?
Do most of your interactions end with both of you feeling frustrated?
Do you want to improve your relationship with your child?
Do you want to communicate in a way that makes you feel respected and heard?
Do you wish your child would pay more attention to you?


This workshop is for you if...

You're tired of shouting and getting angry so your child minds you

You know the theory of respectful parenting but have a hard time putting it into practice

You need practical tools that you can immediately use

You want to be more connected to your child

During the workshop, you will learn:

How to help children with their feelings

Explore what happens to children when their feelings are denied and discuss ways to accept their feelings and limit their behavior.


Explore what happens in dependent relationships and look at ways to help children become independent.


Examine why punishments don't always work and study effective ways to resolve dailly conflict constructively.


Experience how children react to threats, lectures, etc. and practice tools that leave both parent and child feeling good about themselves and each other.


Discuss how praise and self-image are related and exercise ways to praise effectively.

How to free children from labels

Analyze how children are cast into roles and apply skills that can help them see themselves in a different light.

The workshop is composed of three sessions. Each session focuses on two topics with time to discuss how to apply everything learned on real situations.

Be the parent you wish to be!

After the workshop, you will...

  • feel more calm, joy and love every day
  • have more than 30 tools you can easily adapt to every situation
  • notice a more positive parent-child relationship


This course boosted my relationship with my daughter and my self-esteem as a mother. I feel capable of solving almost any conflict - and not only with my daughter, but also with other members of the family. The workshop is essential if you want to raise emotionally healthy and autonomous children.
For me, the workshop far exceeded my expectations because it is really practical. From the first session, you can put into practice what you are learning and see that it really works. At first it comes out unnatural but little by little I have internalized it and it comes out more and more automatic.
Denise is so passionate about positive parenting. She is a great group facilitator, creating a comfortable and dynamic environment. She’s good at walking through problem solving steps to find what solutions work best for everyone. A very practical, applicable course.
Denise's course on 'How to talk so your kids will listen' was a game changer for me. She created an environment to connect and share with other parents, which gave me something to look forward to each week. The tools she teaches are priceless.
I attended a Problem Solving workshop with Denise. It was informative, practical and thought provoking. Denise’s style is great, she’s so open, non judgemental, good at listening and asking questions that really helped me to understand myself better and connect with the content she shared. She is a real expert in her field and I instantly applied what I learned in the workshop and I’ve already seen some positive changes in my son and our communication. Huge thanks Denise!


The communication skills learned in this workshop can be applied to people of all ages. However, the next round of the workshop will be focused on parents with teenagers.

About the Facilitator

Hi! I’m Denise. I became a certified “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen” workshop facilitator after hearing about a study that showed training parents based on this workshop promoted children’s mental health.

Reading this study couldn’t have come at better time. After sharing with other parents the ups and downs of parenthood, I realized how much I enjoyed listening to their experiences and providing them with different resources to help them feel calmer and more confident in what they are doing. I want to help fellow parents to become the parents they want to be. A lot of times, we have this idealized version of the parent we want to be, but then life (and children) get in the way.

This is why I was so happy to come across this workshop. It brings the theory into practice. It gives parents hand-on, everyday tools they can easily apply to their families. It also understands that we are human beings; we have our good days and our bad days, and that’s okay.

Have more questions about the workshop? Send me an email at info@denisesuarez.com. I look forward to hearing from you!