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Want to improve your parenting communication skills?

One way we can enjoy parenting more is by using constructive communication skills. When we use these skills with our children, we encourage their cooperation, so that they feel more connected to us. We become part of the same team – instead of two fighters battling to win.

I’ve noticed that parents may know what they want to do, but then have difficulty putting it into practice. This why I’ve created the Core Communication Skills Workbook.

This simple and practical workbook gives you four skills to focus on. Each skill has two activities: one to practice the theory and another one to apply it your family. Because the best way to learn something is by doing it!

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I was on a call with a group of parents and the topic of taking care of ourselves came up. We feel guilty when we choose to prioritize our self care because “good parents” put their kids first… And we also feel guilty when we don't prioritize our self-care, because we know that’s something we should do that will help us be “good parents”. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't...So what's a parent to do when neither of these options seem very appealing?Knowing that the guilt may be there either way, we try both.Now I can't say how this experiment will work for you, but I can share my results.When I put my family first and ignore my own needs, I feel very resentful. Yes, my kids are bathed, the laundry is done, and the kitchen is clean. I am also impatient, snappy and extremely short fused. I can go from kind and empathic to angry and shouting in seconds.Meanwhile, when I put myself first and do things like sit down before clearing the table, bring the kids to a nature park instead of the playground again, listen to the music that I want to listen to; the kids’ hair isn't washed, the laundry is piling up, and the dishes get washed a little bit later (sometimes even the next day). Yet I feel calmer, lighter and have so much more patience when dealing with a child sitting on the sidewalk because he's too tired to walk.Which results do you think I prefer?Which results do you think my family prefers?Next week, I will share an experiment for you to try. In the meantime, observe how you feel through out the day. What's going on when you're feeling inspired or energized? How about when you're feeling tired or resentful?Let me know in the comments!And if you don't want to wait a week to know the experiment, send me a message and let's work together now.#parentin #peacefulparenting #consciousparenting #respectfulparenting #parenting #parentcoach #concarinodenisesuarez #selfcare #parentguilt ... See MoreSee Less
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I had never really heard the word “self-care” since becoming a mom… But once I did, I never stopped hearing it! In the beginning I thought self-care was about getting massages and manicures, and I thought, “who has the time and childcare for that?!”Over time, I realized that self-care was much more than that. It’s about really tuning into myself and what I need, and then actually meeting those needs. Here are some of the ways I practice self-care:1. Meditate. I meditate around 15 minutes every day. I have the Insight Timer app and look for meditations that fit my mood and how much time I have available.2. Practice yoga or exercise. I am so grateful to be doing my ashtanga yoga practice again! This is something that fills my mind, body and soul. Other ways I move my body are through dance workouts and other exercise videos on YouTube.3. Journal. There are several ways I journal, but what is most helpful to me is do a daily brain dump where I just write down all the thoughts running through my head. It gives me space from my thoughts and it’s truly a relief to remember that I don’t have to believe everything I think!4. Giving myself the luxury of time is truly a gift. I make an effort to not fill my days with meetings and activities so I am rushing from place to place. Walking at my own pace so I can take in the view or listen to music truly is a luxury that fills me up.5. Eating slowly and mindfully is one that I am likely to forget, but I am so grateful when I don’t! Related to giving myself the luxury of time, there’s something about really paying attention to the flavors and textures in my mouth that bring me joy.6. Speaking kindly to myself is really a practice I work on. For the longest time, I thought that I had to beat myself up in order to do better. Once I realized that I actually do better when I show myself kindness and compassion, I decided to make more an effort to speak to and about myself with kindness every day. It’s not always easy, but definitely worth it.What about you? What are some things you do daily as a way to care for yourself? #parentcoach #concarinodenisesuarez #parenting #selfcare #meditate #journal #mindfulness ... See MoreSee Less
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I had a client who kept saying, "My brain is a mess," as she shared with me all the thoughts that had been running in her head. Luckily, that's what coaching is for: to help you see your thoughts clearly and decide what you actually want to do.As the session went on and I reflected back to her what she was saying, she began to get some clarity. She envisioned what she wanted for her life and began to laugh at how her mind was focused on the wrong things. She saw that she thought she could only have this or that, and realized that she could actually have both and more. Then she decided on her next steps to make this dream a reality.If you're one of those people whose brain keeps going (and I have yet to meet anyone who isn't!), then let’s work together! As a coach, I hold space for you to go through all of your thoughts, question them, and choose the ones which are aligned with what you want in life.You may be surprised by how much energy you’re spending on things that you don’t actually care about! Send me a message to learn more. #respectfulparenting #concarinodenisesuarez #parenting #parentcoach #consciousparenting #peacefulparenting #parentinganxiety #parentinganxietyishard ... See MoreSee Less
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What I Do

I work with parents who would like to improve their communication with their children and enjoy spending time with them more.

Enjoy your holiday webinar

In this webinar you will plan for a holiday season aligned with your family values that the whole family will enjoy.

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Learn and practice constructive communication skills when you need them, as well as receive ongoing support to make parenting easier for you.

Find solutions that work for everyone

Immensely change your relationship with your child

Be calm and confident in who you are as a parent

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Who i am

When my daughter was born and she was placed in my arms, one of the first thoughts that came to me was, “What do I do now?!”

Luckily, I have a clear idea of the type of parent that I want to be. While I still have my doubts (because what parent doesn’t?), I know deep down that what I’m doing is aligned with what I want for myself, for my children and for our relationship.

As a parenting coach, I help you do the same. I guide you into finding the confidence within you to be the parent you want to be.

denise suarez

What people are saying

We conducted our session with Denise as a family and it was very insightful. She was able to open up our eyes to both similarities and differences we had within our unit that we were not aware of. By the end of the session we were able to productively come up with common values we can now implement as a family.
Miko D
Father of 1 under 1
Problem Solving workshop with Denise. It was informative, practical and thought provoking. Denise’s style is great, she’s so open, non judgemental, good at listening and asking questions that really helped me to understand myself better and connect with the content she shared. She is a real expert in her field and I instantly applied what I learned in the workshop and I’ve already seen some positive changes in my son and our communication. Huge thanks Denise!
Katie C
Mother of 2 under 2
To my surprise, Denise's "How to talk" workshop had a much bigger impact than I expected. I can honestly say it changed my relationship with my 2 year old toddler immensely. The course is incredibly hands on and gives clear and practical examples. It reinforced the theory I already knew and I finally found a way to actually apply it to my family. Denise's calm and warm way of leading the course gave me the support I needed. I just had my second child and was learning how to deal with both kids.
Laura V
Mother of 2 under 2
Denise is so passionate about positive parenting. She is a great group facilitator, creating a comfortable and dynamic environment. She’s good at walking through problem solving steps to find what solutions work best for everyone. A very practical, applicable course.
Jessica H
Mother of 2 under 5
Our sessions with Denise helped us to come to a mutual understanding of the foundation from which we choose to raise our family. we got clear on our family goals and our family values. Having this clear helps navigate the difficult moments that having two kids under two can bring up. I notice myself daily come back to our family values and this helps me stay grounded and communicate clearly with the kids. I have also found the process improved our relationship as Denise was so good at holding space for us to have conversations we wouldn’t normally have as a couple.
Stuart M
Father of 2 under 2
So far I have had at least six 1:1 parenting coaching sessions with Denise and she is a brilliant listener. She has been coaching me to think beyond of my own world and inspire me to look for better way and approach to teach my daughter. After her advice, I am no longer to dig into a rabbit hole to find solutions because I realize that it wasn’t a positive parenting method. I guess I was applying the old traditional way like most of parents and thought that it was right. She also makes me think what value I want to give my daughter in 20 years time.
Edith C
Mother of a 4 year old

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