Problem Solve with Kids! Webinar for Parents

Are you tired of arguing with your children over doing homework?
Is bedtime a never-ending battle?
Do you wish your child would just listen to you?
Do you want to communicate in a way that makes you feel respected and heard?

Then it's time to problem-solve!

One tool that makes parenting easier, especially during this confinement, is having a problem-solving conversation with your child.

Doing so drastically lessens the power struggles in your home!

I attended a problem solving workshop with Denise. It was informative, practical and thought provoking. Denise's style is great, she's so open and non judgemental, good at listening and asking questions that really helped me to understand myself better and connect with the content she shared. She is a real expert in her field and I instantly applied what I learned in the workshop and I've already seen positive changes in my son and our communication. Huge thanks Denise!​

Based on "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk", this webinar goes through the basic communication skills promoted in the book. Then, we take a deep dive into how to solve problems in a way that make both parent and child feel seen and listened to.

After learning the steps, you will them in a conversation with other parents. These parents are also going through the same thing and can give you a fresh perspective and some new ideas.

Parents who have applied this tool were amazed at the change in their children. Gone were the mornings spent bribing and shouting. Their children happily followed through on their agreed-upon decisions derived from the new conversation techniques. There was finally peace at home!

WEBinar Details


Thursday, 28th May

17.00 – 19.00





webinar Reviews

I attended one of Denise’s sessions on how to communicate with kids and I found the class very refreshing. She’s very nice and thorough and talks about real experiences. It was nice to join the class with other parents going through similar challenges too!
I recently attended a workshop with Denise through Zoom. I highly recommend her gentle approach to Problem Solving with kids and all the tools she provides for getting an effective communication with your kids. Thanks Denise!
I took part on the Problem Solve with Kids webinar and Denise was great. Not only did she provide the information in a clear way but taught us how to use the tools. We were also divided into smaller groups for an exercise and I found the perspective of another parent with a similar situation to be very useful and refreshing. Although I didn't solve my specific issue I did expand my possibilities when it comes to problem solving!


The communication skills learned in this webinar can be applied to kids of all ages.

This webinar is geared to parents. After the webinar, you can then use the tools learned with your kids. 🙂

Yes. I will send a recording of the webinar to everyone who registers.

Don’t worry! I understand that life happens. This is why I send a recording to everyone who signed up.

You are also welcome to enter the webinar late or leave early if necessary.

About the Facilitator

Hi! I’m Denise, a mom of two currently living in Madrid. Even before my second child was born, I knew my passion was to support other families. I became a parenting coach because I want to help fellow parents enjoy parenting.

There are lots of people who had an idea of the type of parent they would be – and then they had kids. I guide parents in realizing the type of parent they want to be and then making that happen.

Parents who have worked with me have let go of guilt and expectations. They are able to feel confident in themselves and trust their children. They know they’re doing what is best for their family.

Have more questions about the webinar? Send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

workshop Reviews

Denise is so passionate about positive parenting. She is a great group facilitator, creating a comfortable and dynamic environment. She’s good at walking through problem solving steps to find what solutions work best for everyone. A very practical, applicable course.
Denise's course on 'How to talk so your kids will listen' was a game changer for me. She created an environment to connect and share with other parents, which gave me something to look forward to each week. The tools she teaches are priceless.
To my surprise, Denise's "How to talk" workshop had a much bigger impact than I expected... Denise's calm and warm way of leading the course gave me the support I needed... I recommend her course to every parent! It will even improve your communication with your partner!