an in-person workshop for moms

take back
your time

Without feeling guilty!
How many times have we been told that in order to be good parents we need to practice more self-care?
Who's a little bit tired of hearing that message over and over again?
You know that's what you should be doing, you just can’t find the time to actually do it.
When you're not working (on your job or your home), you're with the kids.
You just don’t see how you can fit more things into your days.

it is possible to be in charge of your time.

During this in-person event, you will achieve a clear idea of how to take care of yourself and how to make it happen. You will have more awareness of how you see yourself, your family and your time. You will feel more confident and in control of your life.
Through out the day we will do a mix of hands-on exercises and group coaching - with a lovely lunch break in the middle!
As a busy parent myself, I understand that time is golden. The day that you spend with me, you will get back a hundred times over. It will be worth every second of your investment.
Do you feel tired and overwhelmed?
Do you think that you're stretched too thin and don't know how this will change?
After this event, you will feel relaxed and refreshed. You will be ready to take on the rest of the day - and the rest of your life.
The event is on the 13th November, 2021 at Espacio Ronda (metro: Puerto de Toledo) from 10.00 to 17.00. It costs 185€.
Sign up by 29th October 2021, for a complementary 1:1 session with Denise!
Denise helped me understand what things are non-negotiable for me to feel good each day (my own self care needs) and have enough of myself to give to my children. She also helped me figure out how to connect with them, really connect with them, during the time I do have - even if it's not a ton of time. As a mother of four children, this has been so helpful!

madsion k, mom of four

Are you ready to feel good every day?
Are you thinking...

"I want to go, but I don't have the time for it..."

You get to decide what you spend your time on.
Whatever that is, remember that it's something you choose to do. Do you choose to continue going on with how things are? Or do you choose to find a way to make things work and get what you want?
This is an opportunity to break the cycle of not giving yourself what you want.
Attend this event and show yourself that you can find ways to make what you want happen.
Do you wonder...

"Is it okay to spend money on myself?"

What we will go over during this event will change your life for all the years to come.
During this one day you will get a better understanding of who you are and what actions do and don't nurture you.
You will have a clear idea of where (and why!) you want to spend your time and a plan to put it into practice.
You will live a lifetime knowing that you can always take care of yourself, no matter what comes up.
Are you worried...

"I've tried everything, how will I know that this will work?"

Whether you think this will work for you or not, you're right.
You will not get a magic wand that will make all your problems disappear.
You will be given tools you can use to solve your own problems.
You will understand why the things you used in the past didn't work for you.
You will learn how to have your own back and trust yourself.
Do you want more joy and excitement, and less pressure and guilt in your life?
Working with Denise helped me work through all the 'shoulds' that were stopping me using my time in the way I wanted and helped me work out what felt right for my family. She then helped me find creative and harmonious ways to integrate these elements into my day to day life with my family in a way that felt joyous and exciting instead of pressure and guilt driven. Thank you Denise!

AMY T, Mom of two

During the event, you will learn how to:

Be more intentional of your time

We use all the time we have - but are we spending it on things that take care of our family or things that take us away from our family?

Make space for life

We can plan our days so that even when our kid gets sick, we still feel in charge of our time.

Put yourself first - guilt-free

The longest relationship we'll ever have is with ourselves; let's make it a fun one.

(Denise) was a good listener and very empathetic and she offered great feedback. She also reminded me about the importance of self-care as a mom, which is something I usually forget about. I highly recommend connecting with Denise!

Samara K, Mom of two

Take back your time


Saturday, 13th November 2021
10 am to 5 pm



Last day of sign-up is Thursday, November 11th!
Denise Suarez profile

Denise Suarez is a parent coach who is driven by her desire for all children to feel loved and accepted. She does this by helping the children’s parents enjoy parenting more. Through mindset shifts and simple communication skills, she gives parents the tools and support they need to become the parent they want to be – and the parent their children need them to be.

Born in the Philippines and raising her kids in Spain, she has first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to raise children in a culture different from their own. In her work as a parent coach, she guides intercultural families in appreciating their differences and seeing how these differences enrich their family’s lives.

Parents who have worked with her have noticed a huge difference in their parenting and have commented on feeling more relaxed and inspired after just the first session!

Have more questions about the event? Send her an email at

Denise Suarez

international parent coach