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Holiday webinar

A webinar and workbook to help you plan a holiday season the whole family will remember fondly.
Tuesday, November 29th
14.00 - 15.00 CEST

After the webinar, you will leave with:
• Your intentional definition of the meaning of Christmas (or whatever holiday you're celebrating)
• A step-by-step plan to celebrate the holiday season aligned with your family values
• Your back-up plan for when life happens
Are you ready for everyone in your family to feel more love, joy and meaning this holiday season?
Do you want to feel excited and inspired as 2022 comes to an end?
(Our sessions with Denise) helped remind us to be super excited about what we are creating together and why. In our fast-paced modern day lives we often miss the magic of the family... I highly recommend (working with Denise) if you are looking to deepen your everyday family experience.

abi, mom of one

Picture this:
As the holidays draw closer, you feel excited and confident.
You are clear on what you want to do and you're ready for anything that might come up.
During the holidays, you feel joyful and relaxed.
You've prepared everything you can, so now you just enjoy the fruits of your labor.
You even take time for yourself because you know that will help everyone have a better time.
After the holidays, you feel grateful.
You had a wonderful time with your family.
You feel so lucky to have them!
Take a deep breath and imagine how that would look like in your family.
Then sign up for the webinar to help you make it happen!
*A recording will be provided to everyone who signs up for the webinar.*
For the price of 15€, you get the webinar and guide to help you create a holiday season everyone in your family will enjoy!
Your Holiday Guide
Tuesday, November 29th
14.00 - 15.00 CEST
I had a few sessions with Denise around Christmas time, and it was very enlightening. She taught me to look at what's really important to me, and how that relates to the way in which I communicate with my family. Feeling good about the months to come!

sarah, mom of two

Denise Suarez profile

Hi! I’m Denise, a mom of two currently living in Madrid. Even before my second child was born, I knew my passion was to support other families. I became a parent coach because I want to help fellow parents enjoy parenting more. I also truly desire for all children to feel unconditionally loved and accepted by their parents.

There are lots of people who had an idea of the type of parent they would be – and then they had children. I guide parents in realizing the type of parent they want to be and then making that happen.

Parents who have worked with me have let go of guilt and expectations. They are able to feel confident in themselves and trust their children. They know they’re doing what is best for their family.

Interested in seeing what’s possible for your family? Send me an email at info@denisesuarez.com to schedule a free discovery call.

Denise Suarez

International parent coach